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Size: 100ml

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• Food with the addition of a probiotic for young and growing aquatic and semi-terrestrial turtles such as: Mauremys, Trachemys, Ocadia, Malaclemys, Clemmys, Kinosternon, Sternotherus, Claudius, Apalone, Pelodiscus, Chelydra, Macrochelys, with a carapax length of min. . 4 cm

• the soft texture resembles the foods turtles eat in the wild

• probiotic in the form of viable endospores of Bacillus subtilis bacteria stabilizes the intestinal microflora and improves food utilization, reducing faecal odor and water pollution

• Hermetia illucens larvae contained in the food are a source of essential amino acids as well as calcium and phosphorus for turtles in a favorable ratio, unprecedented in other insects

• fish, crustaceans (10% krill, 10% shrimps) and molluscs (squid 6%) present in the food, with their aroma encouraging turtles to feed

• high level of protein with the right proportion of calcium to phosphorus (2: 1) covers the nutritional needs of growing turtles and supports the proper structure of the shell

• astaxanthin added to food enhances the natural colors of turtles

• food can be successfully fed to large predatory fish