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Tropical Nanovit Tablets 70 pack

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Size: 70 Pack

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TROPICAL NANOVIT TABLETS are colour-enhancing, tiny, plano-convex tablets with high content of natural carotenoids and 14% spirulina share. Can be used as both adhesive and sinking tablets. Due to their small size they are particularly recommended for small species of omnivorous and carnivorous fish, crustaceans and snails in nano aquaria. Tablets do not leave excessive organic matter, which facilitates the maintenance of nano aquarium, hence limits algae infestation. Fish’s colours are intensified by: natural astaxanthin, beta-carotene and red pepper extract, which at the same time support various physiological functions, including growth and reproduction. Molluscs and crustaceans, including tasty squid, are the source of exceptionally assimilable protein. Natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan – together with active substances of spirulina enhance the immunity system of fish and crustaceans.