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Free Delivery on orders over €45

Dendrocare 100gr

by Amvirep
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Size: 100mm

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Instructions for use: Place a small amount of Dendrocare in an empty container. Sprinkle the fruit flies or other feeder insects on top of the Dendrocare and shake the container to mix these together. The Dendrocare will adhere firmly to the feeder insects. Strain or shake the excess Dendrocare off the feeder insects and then feed them to your frogs or toads. Once it has been opened, provided it is kept dry and properly sealed in its original packaging, Dendrocare has a shelf-life of 6 months. Content per kilogram: vitamin A 450,000 IU, vitamin D3 120,000 IU, vitamin E 10,200 mg, vitamin B1 36 mg, vitamin B2 165 mg, pantothenic acid 270 mg (approx.), nicotinamide 570 mg, vitamin B6 78 mg, CU 120 mg, I 82 mg, FE 1,650 mg, MN 72 mg, ZN 273 mg, CO 63mg, protein 10.1%, fat 1.8%, fibres 0.19%, ash 47%, moisture 1.9 %, CA 22%, P 8.8%, NA 1.4%, MG 0.2%, K 0.43%.