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Rayticulatus No-Mite 475ml

by Amvirep
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Size: 475ml
AmviRep No-Mite is 100% biological control against mites such as predatory mites, bulb mites, etc. The main ingredient in AmviRep No-Mite is diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth acts as a natural detoxifying agent in the body and kills parasites and viruses that contribute to the disease by cleansing the blood. In addition, AmviRep No-Mite contains different types of herbs that have an anti-parasitic effect. The added herbs in AmviRep No-Mite have a strong, pungent scent that has a deterrent effect on the mites. AmviRep No-Mite is also very effective for the control of mites in the habitat of eg snakes, lizards, turtles, birds and rodents etc. Sprinkle AmviRep No-Mite over the infected soil. Put a teaspoon of AmviRep No-Mite in an empty jar. Add the fruit flies to the AmviRep No-Mite and shake it together so that the flies are well powdered. Before you transfer the powdered flies to the new food base, you can separate the flies and the excess powder by means of a sieve. Our advice is not to throw the excess powder back into the jar of Dendrocare AmviRep No-Mite because of the dead mites. Because AmviRep No-Mite is not harmful to the fruit flies and our animals (fruit flies get rid of AmviRep No-Mite quickly and are not bothered by it), you can use it unlimitedly when you breed new fruit flies. However, we advise not to feed AmviRep No-Mite directly to your animals.