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Exo Terra monsoon Solo II

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Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II - high-quality, compact irrigation system for terrariums

Same system - New model

The second version of the Monsoon Solo is equipped with a more powerful pump with 4.5 bar water pressure, pressure-resistant polyether hose and new leak-proof connectors.

With the Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II you get an incredible compact and reliable irrigation system for your terrarium or greenhouse. The Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II irrigation system is freely programmable and helps maintain perfect humidity inside the terrarium by generating rainfall exactly at the times you specify. So you can tailor the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo irrigation system exactly to the needs of your reptiles or plants. This compact terrarium irrigation system produces a particularly fine spray mist, which creates a fog effect in the terrarium similar to that in tropical rain forests. Regular rainfall has a positive effect on the vitality and breeding behaviour of tropical reptiles, and plants from tropical regions such as bromeliads, mosses or orchids react with improved growth.

You can set the Eco Terra Monsoon SOLO II irrigation system so that the irrigation is activated several times within 24 hours and always over a period of 2 seconds to 2 minutes. The compact water reservoir with a volume of 1.5 litres is sufficient for smaller terrariums even in continuous operation over several days - for larger terrariums or if you want to supply more than one terrarium with moisture, you should use the larger sister of the Exo Terra Monsoon MULTI, which provides a significantly larger reservoir. Well solved: You can easily refill the reservoir from above without disassembling the complete system.

Your new Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II irrigation system is equipped with a very easy to install spray nozzle and can - if you wish - be retrofitted with an additional spray nozzle, which you receive separately. For example, it is then possible to supply another terrarium or water additional plants. Please note, however, that an additional nozzle ensures that the performance at the individual nozzles decreases. The Exo Terra Monsoon irrigation system can easily be hidden in a cabinet under the terrarium or behind the terrarium, out of sight, due to the extra long hose.

And here are the most important advantages of the Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II irrigation system at a glance:

- Can be easily installed in any smaller terrarium or greenhouse
- Slanted top for absolutely tight connection and easy filling
- Functional, easy-to-use timer for individual irrigation cycles
- Particularly flexible spray nozzle that can be aligned in any direction
- Very easy to install hose, fits through closable hose channels on the terrarium (available on every Exo Terra glass terrarium)
- Ideal for small terrariums
- 1.5 litre water reservoir
- For medium, large or multiple terrarium irrigation we recommend the Monsoon Multi with a significantly larger reservoir of 8 litres.
- Compact design: The dimensions of your Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II irrigation system (including reservoir) are only 14 cm (W) x 14 cm (D) x 17 cm (H).

The Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II irrigation system consists of the following components:

- Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II operating unit
- 1 spray nozzle including hose
- 1 spare spray nozzle
- water filters
- suction hose
- power supply