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We are on Holidays!! Orders between the 14th - 26th June will be dispatched on the 27th June
We are on Holidays! Orders between the 14th - 26th June will be dispatched on the 27th June

Aqua Nova Pressure Filter 9000

Original price €180,00 - Original price €180,00
Original price
€180,00 - €180,00
Current price €180,00
Size: NBPF-9000

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  • Max Pond Size - 9000 Liters

  • 11w UVC

  • Inlet/outlet 20,25,32,40mm

  • Max Flow Rate - 4500 LPH

The device combines biological and mechanical filtration and eliminates algae thanks to the built-in UV lamp. so it is very easy to obtain the effect of crystal clear water in our pond. -It has an indicator telling you to clean the filter. -Simple filter cover opening system for easy maintenance and cleaning. -UV lamp operation indicator. -Starter kit equipped with the necessary filter cartridges. -The filter can be partially buried, making it invisible in your garden, for example, set to feed a water stream. -Three-stage filtration process ensures maximum filtering quality. -Contains biospheres facilitating the development of nitrifying bacteria responsible for the positive biology of the pond. -Quartz glass built into the UV lamp, is a high-quality material, transparent all ultraviolet rays, thus increasing the efficiency of the filter. -The device is designed to be able to maintain the beautiful environment of the pond. -Filters additionally equipped with SELF CLEAN Flushing technology , which makes it easier and much faster filter cleaning.