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Repco - Cricket Gel

by Repco
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Size: 250ml

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The RC Cricket Gel prevents food animals from dying from lack of water. The Cricket Gel is the ideal means to keep your food animals alive longer: Cricket Gel also increases the calcium content of your crickets and other insects, from which your animals will benefit to the maximum. The combination with Cricket-Food ensures an optimal effect. The optimal Calcium / Phosphorus ratio for food for reptiles is 2: 1. The ratio of insects can reach 1:11. It is therefore very important that the crickets receive more calcium in their food and before they are fed to the reptiles, they are thoroughly powdered with a calcium product such as Mineral-All. Cricket Gel is also a perfect product for watering your spiders. Use: Add half a tablespoon of cricket gel to your crickets, mealworms and other insects.