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Free Delivery on orders over €45

Terra Exotica Sunray Nature 45cm, 60cm T8

Original price €9,99 - Original price €15,50
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€9,99 - €15,50
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Size: 60cm - 18w

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General The TERRA EXOTICA Sunray Nature produces a high UV-A radiation output. The natural colors of their reptiles, amphibians and hermit crabs are emphasized and stimulate appetite, activity and reproductive behavior. At the same time, it allows terrarium plants to grow healthily and presents them in full natural beauty. The Sunray Nature emits a reduced UV-B radiation. Made of pure quartz glass and therefore transparent to UV rays. overview ✔ Full spectrum terrarium fluorescent tube ✔ Selective enhancement of natural colors ✔ Ideal for snakes, geckos, amphibians and ground-dwelling species