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Free Delivery on Orders over €45

Tropical Pleco's Tablets 250ml

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Size: 250ml

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PLECO'STABIN food with spirulina and oak wood for large Loricariidae fish. Vegetable sinking tablets of the 25 mm diameter intended for everyday feeding of large Loricariidae fish such as Hypostomus plecostomus, Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps or bigger groups of small algae eating Loricariidae fish. PLECO'STABIN tablets contain 36% spirulina, which provides easily digestible protein, natural carotenoids and active substances stimulating fish's immune system. The addition of oak wood facilitates digestion and ensures excellent condition in Panaque, Panaqolus and Peckoltia fish, for which oak wood is the indispensable dietary component.