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Tropical Mini Wafers Mix 18g

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Size: 70g

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MINI WAFERS MIX sinking wafers with astaxanthin and spirulina for bottom feeding fish and crustaceans. Small, multi-ingredient, sinking green and red wafers, intended for everyday feeding of bottom feeding omnivorous fish such as algae eaters, loaches, loricariids, Corydoras, and freshwater and marine crustaceans. Red wafers are the source of natural astaxanthin and beta-glucan – a strong immune stimulator, which increases fish's resistance to diseases. Green wafers contain spirulina and fibre which regulate digestion. The wafers do not disintegrate in water (they retain their texture and do not fall apart, when soaked), which makes crustaceans' feeding much easier. In case of suckermouth and rasping fish, which scrap food from hard surfaces, it allows feeding close to fish's habits presented in the wild.