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Free Delivery on Orders over €45

Tropical Super Goldfish Mini Sticks 100ml, 250ml

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Size: 100ml

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SUPER GOLDFISH MINI STICKS multi-ingredient food for goldfish: lionhead, oranda and ranchu. SUPER GOLDFISH MINI STICKS is the food in the form of sinking sticks dedicated to goldfish with characteristic headgrowths called 'lion head'. These are extremely valuable and demanding Japanese species such as lionhead, oranda and ranchu. A high content of protein and all essential amino acids encourage the development of their headgrowths. Moreover, perfectly balanced formula guarantees the best shape of their body in conformity with international standards and encourages the development of a splendid veiltail. Fish's coloration is enhanced by the addition of natural astaxanthin. SUPER GOLDFISH MINI STICKS may be used as a dietary supplementation for other species of goldfish.