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Free Delivery on orders over €45

Tropical Vitality & Colour Tablets 340 Tablets

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Size: 340 Tablets

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VITALITY & COLOR TABLETS are high-protein, colour-enhancing and vitality-ensuring, adhesive tablets. Intended for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous aquarium fish that feed in the middle layers of the water and bottom-feeding fish. As the tablets are made from smaller parts, they can also be fed to adolescent fry. High content of protein and lecithin from egg yolk and vitamin E encourage spawning, facilitate growth and maturation of the fish. Natural astaxanthin coming from krill and shrimps among other sources, enhances coloration while the addition of L-carnitine helps the fish better utilise fats contained in the food. This food is also available in different forms: Vitality & Color, Vitality & Color Granulat