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Tropical Aqua Plant Fertilizer 250ml

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Size: 250ml

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AQUA PLANT liquid fertilizer for aquatic plants with nitrogen and phosphorus. Liquid fertilizer for aquatic plants with a rich composition of minerals needed for their proper growth and development. Due to the content of nitrogen and phosphorus AQUA PLANT is intended for tanks with a small number of ornamental fish. In these tanks the shortage of the two elements may occur, inhibiting the growth of plants. We recommend using AQUA PLANT fertilizer together with a ferric preparation – FERRO-AKTIV at least once a week, during water changes. Regularly used fertilizer ensures intensive growth and proper development of aquatic plants. AQUA PLANT proves useful in traditional and submerse cultures and tanks with additional carbon dioxide (CO2) conditioning. Dosage: 10 ml/100 litres of water. Each tank is different. Start fertilizing with small portions and observe how your plants grow.